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The CAM chapter, that we refer to as a “Local Group” is led by an elected board of directors, called the “Executive Committee”. Because of Mensa’s historical origins in England the top position on our group's board is referred to as the “Local Secretary” instead of the more common verbiage of President or Chairman. The remainder of the committee is a Vice-Local Secretary, a Treasurer, and Members-at-Large.

The ExCom appoints people to other roles as needed to help lead the group effectively.

Executive Committee

Local Secretary

Steve Shadix

Vice-Local Secretary

Jack Adams


Sam Hill


Vicki McKenzie


Eric Reggel


Thomas Hoheisel


Bill Robins


Kelley Robinson


Christina Humphries

Appointed Positions

Gifted Children Coordinator Jan Kral
Owlabama Editor Sam Hill
Membership Chair Kim Shadix
Proctor Coordinator, Publicity Chair, Scholarship Co-Chair Steve Shadix
S.I.G.H.T Coordinator Thomas Hoheisel
Scholarship Co-Chair Mary Kate Gach